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Soanyway is an independent online magazine, providing a platform for work that tells stories using any combination of words, images and sounds. 

The title ‘soanyway’ is an expression used in daily speech to refocus after digression, or as a means of changing or avoiding a subject. The conclusive ‘so’ merged with the ‘anyway’ of alternation suggests a diversity of possible stories in which interdisciplinary boundaries are crossed. This allows these apparent digressions to flow as multi-layered narrative.

We interpret story broadly, considering it in relation to fact and fiction, narration or implication, and structure or a lack of it. We also regard most history, theory and critique as the telling of stories about stories. 

ISSN 2043-6408

“There’s a thousand sides to everything – not just heroes and villains. So – anyway – so anyway – so – any – way – ’Soanyway’ ought to be one word. Like a place or a river – Soanyway River.”


Daria in Zabriskie Point (1970) dir. Michelangelo Antonioni

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