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Volume 2: Issues by Cover

Soanyway Issue One

Issue One of the relaunched Soanyway, in September 2018, was curated around the magazine description, with a focus on conversation and digression.

Soanyway Issue Two
Soanyway Spoleto Inserto

Issue Two in January 2019 featured contributions responding to the magazine's description, and included a special insert 'Lost in Spoleto' documenting the Mahler & LeWitt Studios and Viaindustriae Artists' Books Program curated by Jo Melvin in September 2018. The contributors were Federico Antonini, Lindsay Aveilhé, Eloise Bennett, Julian Bittiner, Emanuele De Donno, Karen Di Franco, Tommaso Faraci, Gertrude Gibbons, Lina Hermsdorf, James Hoff, Jeffrey Isaac, Sean Lynch, Jo Melvin, Marcello Newman, Joanna Pocock, Giovanni Rendina, Jacopo Rinaldi, Guy Robertson, Tony Tremlett, Riccardo Venturi, Grace Weir. More information about the print version designed by Thomas Bush of the insert (January 2020) is available on request.

Soanyway Issue Three

Issue Three in June 2019 included two exhibition features of work by Ilana Halperin and William Mackrell. The issue further explored the ideas of the magazine's title and description.

Soanyway Issue Four

Issue Four in September 2019, a 'Sports Issue' was organised around game, play, rehearsal and practice, and the interaction of sport with the arts. Two exhibition features were included on the work of Filippo Marzocchi and Yelena Popova.

Soanyway Issue Five

Issue Five in January 2020, titled 'Architecture and Memory', was curated around interdisciplinary work invoking architecture in relation to memory, meaning and creative imagination. The two features were on the work of Hermann Bergamelli and Fabio Ranzolin by Irene Sofia Comi, and &Model's book launch.

Soanyway Issue Six

Issue Six in June 2020, titled 'Liquidity >|< Vessel', included work responding to Bruce Lee's comment “Be formless, shapeless, like water", exploring ideas of explore ideas of fluidity, containment, spillage and immersion. The features were on the work and exhibitions of John Newling and Mattia Pajè. 

Soanyway Issue Seven

Issue Seven in September 2020 was curated around a consideration of imposed frameworks, as liberating or restricting, of outlines and circularity. The features included the work of Alen Ožbolt and a selection of artists involved in _inventory Platform's digital residency.

Soanyway Issue Eight

Issue Eight in January 2021, titled 'Adaptation, Retelling', responded to Walter Benjamin's statement that “story telling is always the art of repeating stories” and Linda Hutcheon's definition of adaptation as a process that “always involves both (re)interpretation and then (re)creation”. The features included a conversation between Michelle Williams Gamaker and Catriona McAra and Ikon Gallery's exhibition Faster Than Ever, and the cover image is by Phill Hopkins.

Soanyway Issue Nine
Soanyway Early Music Insert

Issue Nine in June 2021, titled 'Movement—Spacetime', explored motion, space, time, direction, lines, and was part-inspired by the cover to a 1969 issue of ARK magazine. It contained a Special Insert, 'Making Early Music', guest-edited by Helen Herbert. This had interdisciplinary discussions by and between performers, composers, writers and makers. The contributors were Emily Baines, Gavin Bryars, Peter Forrester, Gertrude Gibbons, Helen Herbert, Jacob Heringman, Annabel Knight, Ben Maloney, Jo Melvin, Maja Palser, Susanna Pell, John Potter, Sidney Rime. The issue had three features: the exhibitions of Irene Fenara and Georgia Dickie, and a documentation of the Diagram Research Group's residency at Flat Time House, London. Cover image of Issue Nine by Alexandra Buxbaum. Cover of Insert with sixteenth-century illustrations by Jost Amman and Albrecht Dürer, credit in caption. 

Soanyway Issue Ten

Issue Ten in September 2021, titled 'Ten Conversations', was an anniversary edition, celebrating 3 years since the relaunch of Soanyway in September 2018. It featured ten conversations, imagining the issue as a space for conversation, like a room filled with voices, crossing language and form, in line with our slogan 'a turn in conversation'.  Cover of Issue Ten by Munevver Odemis.

Issue Eleven Cover.png

Issue Eleven in January 2022, titled 'Redux', featured contributions around ideas of restoration, reinterpretation, remaking, remixing, or re-editing and making anew. The two exhibition features were on Fred Tschida CIRCLESPHERE and Neon Workshops at The Art House, Wakefield, and Nicol Allan: Collages at Laure Genillard Gallery, London. Cover of Issue 11 by Joyce Treasure. 

Issue 12.png

Issue Twelve in June 2022, titled 'Recording and Documentation', looks at various methods of recording and documentation, as well as the products resulting from these processes. Contributions "raise questions as to what should be recorded and what gets forgotten, the rediscovery of objects, ideas and feelings, and how to approach these." It includes two exhibition reviews on Images for Sounds: Artist Covers for Music Records at Villa Lontana, Rome, and Jill McKnight: Desire Lines at Leeds Art Gallery. Cover of Issue 12 by Patrick Ford. 

Issue 13 COVER.png

Issue Thirteen in September 2022, 'Just: Walking (and what this entails)', marks another anniversary issue, four years after the relaunch of Soanyway. The introduction is formed of a conversation between the editors Derek Horton and Gertrude Gibbons. Featuring 'walks' and contemplations on the connotations and associations with this word across diverse forms and mediums. Cover of Issue 13 is 'Velvet Snow' by Maria Garton. 

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