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Volume One

Soanyway online magazine was founded by Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie in 2009 as a platform bringing together words, pictures and sound to tell stories in the broadest possible sense of the term. Following on from the debut issue, Somewhere and Nowhere, each one was themed around a similar figure of speech, with such titles as Over and OverNow and ThenSaid and Done and Above and Beyond, ending with Over and Out in 2013.

Seventeen issues were published in this first volume of Soanyway. Although these are no longer available online, an archive of their contents is held by the editors. Anyone wishing to know more for the purposes of research should direct enquiries through the ‘Contact’ section of the current site. More than 160 writers and artists contributed to the original version of Soanyway, listed here:

Monika K Adler, Samantha Ankergård, Steve Argüelles, Louise Ashcroft, Alain Ayers, Brada Barassi, Dale Devereux Barker, David Berridge, Stephen Bett, Erini Boukla, Ellie Bradford, Alice Bradshaw, Muireann Brady, Andrew Bruce, Lisa Bufano, Tom Butler, Michael Butterworth, Joanna Byrne, Darren Caffrey, Richard Caldicott, Becky Campbell, Billy Cancel, Jimin Chun, Julia Ciesielska, Rachel Lois Clapham, Robert Clarke, Rachael Cloughton, Emma Cocker, Phil Constable, Paul Cordwell, Michael Cousin, Chris Paul Daniels, Robert Davies, Jax Deluca, Emma Dexter, Alex Dipple, Tom Duggan, Alan Dunn, Graham Dunning, Stephen Emmerson, Camilo Echeverri, Teresa Eng, Odette England, Emily Evans, Alex Farrar, Karin Felbermayr, James Fickling, Ewa Figaszewska, Anna Francis, Steve Garnett, Maria Garton, Andrew George, Clare Gallagher, Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Erin Gutierrez, Henry Gwiazda, Michael Hampton, Alexandra Handal, Marion Harrison, Hart & Sine, Karen Heald, Colin Herd, Ask Holmen, Phill Hopkins, Derek Horton, GH Hovagimyan, Barry Hughes, humhyphenhum, James & Anthony Hunter, John Hyatt, Hesling Ireland, Hilary Jack, David Jacques, Justin Jamail, Les Joynes, Ben Judd, Julius Kalamarz, Maria Kapayeva, Josiane Keller, Tom Konyves, Richard Kostelanetz, Bommsoon Lee, Daniel Lehan, Simon Lewandowski, Christian Lloyd & Lisa Bristow, Rachel Maclean, Ian MacTilstra, Adam McAlavey, Jo McGonigal, M4SK22, Graham Martin, Joe Mawson, Marsha Meskimmon, Pete Metcalfe, Verena Meyer, Christina Mitrentse, Moenipulation, Iain Morrison, Brighid Mulley, Joseph Nechvatal, Neil Needleman, Alex Nodopaka, Kylin O'Brien, Miriam O’Connor, Arina Orlova, Robert Partridge, Yelena Popova, Claire Potter, Gill Prenderville, Jonas Ranson, Spike Raquette, Francis Raven, Stephen Riley, Keith W Roberts, Paul Robinson, Paul Rooney, John Ross, Gregor Rozanski, Doug Sandle, Phil Sawdon, Isabelle Schiltz, Benjamin Schultz Figueroa, Dana Sederowsky, Seekers of Lice, Eoin Shea, Silver-Mawson, Aymee Smith, Petter Solberg, Saskia Sorg, Michelle Souter, Marina de Stacpoole, Alex Staiger, Lisa Stansbie, David Steans, Glen Stoker, Emma Sywyj, Anna T, Alex Tobin, Lisa Torell, Jill Townsley, Tony Trehy, Panos Tsagaris, VÆV, Paul Violi, Rob Voermann, Davey Volner, Jamila Walker, Nathan Walker, Jim White, Jason Wilkinson, Lynne Williams, Ernest Williamson III, Sheilah Wilson, Wounded Knee, Paul Wright, Jelena Zindovic 

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