Submissions are welcomed at all times from varied disciplines, in any medium, format, and language, provided they conform to the directions listed below. We also advise potential contributors to read our homepage description and look through our previous issues (also browsable by cover and index) before submitting.


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  1. Submit via email directly to

  2. Use WeTransfer for large files.

  3. Use ‘Submission, [your name, work title]’ as the subject heading of your email. If you have a question, include ‘QUERY’ in the subject.

  4. Include a brief description of the submission (no more than 100 words).

  5. Adhere to the following limits:
    - 1000 words for text
    - 40 lines poetry
    - 5 images (unless part of a series with minimal text)
    - Audio-visual submissions (including music and film) are recommended up to 4 minutes, but may be accepted up to 10 minutes.



Our next issue MOVEMENT—SPACETIME will be out in June. It will have our second special insert. (The first of these, Lost In Spoleto, came out with Issue 2 in January 2019). The one with our June issue will be Making Early Music, guest-edited by Helen Herbert, and it will include contributions and discussions from a range of disciplines exploring and responding to the subject of early music, encompassing performance, instrument-making, (art) history, and musicology. More information on our June issue will be forthcoming in an announcement nearer the online publication date.

**Open call for cover images:**

We are now inviting submissions of single photographic images for use as covers in future issues of our online magazine. 

For your cover image to be considered for Issue 9 in June, please submit before 7th MAY. Cover submissions sent after this deadline will be considered for future issues. 


Soanyway takes its name from a line of dialogue in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 film, Zabriskie Point: “So – anyway – so anyway – so – any – way – ’Soanyway’ ought to be one word. Like a place or a river – Soanyway River”. We recommend that you look at the covers of our first eight issues, each involving river/road images here. As you will have seen above, our next issue has the theme MOVEMENT—SPACETIME, so we particularly welcome images that allude to this theme. Images should be portrait format to conform to our layout.


Please submit a maximum of five images as .jpg files of at least 2MB. They should be sent by email to with the subject heading ‘COVER IMAGE’.


(Please also be aware that should your image be selected, it may need to be cropped or adjusted slightly to fit the issue cover.)

Other than the cover call, submissions for our next issue MOVEMENT—SPACETIME are now closed, but details on how to submit contributions for consideration for future issues can be found above.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!